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Cluster fly control

Cluster flies can be very distressing when they turn up in the autumn and sometimes in the spring too. They come in thousands and suddenly appear either in your roof or around windows in the house.

There are two main species that cause concern but many others exist.

The house fly sized Pollenia rudis and the fruit fly sized, Thaumatomyia notata. These flies can also be described as “swarming flies” and “small yellow swarming flies”.

These flies breed throughout the summer in the fields, sometimes using earthworms to support their larvae by laying eggs into the soil and the resultant larvae seek out worms in which to subsequently complete their life cycle as parasitic larvae

When searching for cover for winter hibernation, these flies will gather together mainly on south and west facing elevations of structures and in late autum afternoons may rest on these walls in the sunshine but venture up into the roof space, loft or in and around window frames in the evening where they stay overnight. As winter comes, the cluster flies stay within the roof void and only then venture out on early spring sunny days where they may sun themselves on the roof tiles. Sometimes they stay between the roofing felt and the tiles, which makes treatment a little more complicated.

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