Commercial and agricultural rodent control services
in Stamford and surrounding areas

From commercial and domestic to agricultural rodent control, we can take care of all your rodent eradication and control needs.

Effective rodent control for your business premises

If you’re looking for experienced pest control experts in Lincolnshire, feel free to contact us. At Lincs Pest Control, we offer assured and effective solutions for rodent control for warehouses, granaries, hotels and other business and agricultural premises. Established in 1970, we have been taking complete care of our customers’ pest control needs ever since and have gained an excellent reputation for our consistent-quality services. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us today.

First for pest control in Lincolnshire

Rat, mice and mole control

Let us free your home or commercial premises from rodent infestation. We use proven methods to offer top-quality services.

Greater protection

Our preventive control services can offer greater protection and ensure your business activities are not affected because of pests.

Affordable services

We are well-known for our efficient and effective services and competitive pricing. Discuss your requirements with us today.

We can take care of the following insects:

We believe that prevention is better than cure, especially when it ensures a better and more affordable solution to rodent problems. We offer a proactive rodent control service, including visiting your home or business premises on a regular basis and ensuring there is no infestation. When it comes to pest control, rely on Lincs Pest Control for one of the best services in Lincolnshire. We also offer bird and infestation control services. Call us today to talk to a member of our team.

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