Affordable infestation control services in Stamford and surrounding areas

At Lincs Pest Control, we can provide quality and affordable pest infestation control services using the latest technologies.

Ultra-low volume fogging machines for faster pest control

Whether you’re looking for fly control services, feel free to contact us. We use ultra-low volume fogging machines to offer a more advanced and effective method of pest control. These machines enable us to use pesticides effectively and easily, over a variety of terrains. This method ensures a faster response and is very useful when the infestation level is high. Contact us today for more information.

First for pest control in Lincolnshire

We use the latest technologies and proven methods

If you’re looking for professional pest control services, choose us. We use top-quality ultra-low volume fogging machines for a more effective and prompt solution.

Discreet techniques for
long-term control

From wasps to cockroaches, we can take care of all your pest control needs. We use discreet methods for different types of pests for faster eradication and long-term control.

If you need immediate help with infestation control for your property in Stamford,
contact Lincs Pest Control on 01780 764 968 / 07850 060 600